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Are you tired of feeling anxious?

A large percentage of the population frequently live with anxiety and fear

Choose to feel less anxious and rediscover a more balanced and composed way of living

  • Be empowered
  • Feel more positive
  • Enjoy social events
  • Handle issues better
  • Take control
  • Resolve fears
  • Believe in yourself
  • Feel less stressed

One thing is certain, there is a better way and I can help.

For those that suffer from feeling anxious, life can at times feel quite miserable and anxiety can often be quite debilitating.

Through an initial consultation, we are able to measure the levels of anxiety being experienced, and we can then adopt a strategy to help you reduce this. This will also, provide us with the opportunity to benchmark the progress made through a hypnotherapeutic approach.

There could well be any number of reasons as to why someone may feel anxious. Many of us know anxiety is brought on, by our bodies primitive response to danger and I’m sure you have heard people talk about ‘fight or flight’?

Our body and mind, work to protect us from danger, however, intrusive and anxious thoughts whilst sat in the comfort of your own home will often serve little purpose.

Those feeling anxious will often know that these feelings are inappropriate for the setting they are in. There are of course times when it is natural to feel a little anxious, even then we have far more control over this emotion than we realise.

How I can help you regain control of your anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce anxiety and it will help change limiting beliefs, whilst helping you adopt a more confident approach to life.

Past physical or emotional trauma can often be at the root cause of anxiety, without us even realising or making the connection between past events and how we feel in the present day.

My skills can help you to resolve any issues around trauma that you may have and my approach is tailored to find the most effective route for my clients.

By offering Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and a whole host of other professional techniques, you can be assured that I’m striving to deliver positive change as rapidly as possible.

Whatever your reason for wanting to feel less anxious and more relaxed, help is at hand.

Typically 3-6 sessions would be required to successfully resolve feelings of anxiety.

I was sceptical at first to be honest. But I cannot express enough how helpful and professional Darren was. I thought I would need a lot of sessions but I ended up only needing a few before I saw immediate results which have lasted (now 8 months on and counting) It was always up to me and I never felt pushed into thinking I needed more. Which in itself was refreshing!
Definitely cannot recommend enough! He will change your life!

KE York

I spent and hour with Darren and after I felt relaxed and able to think positively about the problem I had gone to see him about. Darren made me feel relaxed and confident which allowed me to talk to him openly. His support has helped me massively and I recommend Darren as he is good at what he does and genuinely wants to help.

JR York

Saw Darren on three occasions for different reasons – sickness phobia, exam concentration and travelling alone. He really helped – I went to South Africa alone and am now at University in the USA. My confidence has grown so much and I know it is thanks to him – would recommend

SW York

Darren is a truly genuine helpful guy. I have nothing but glowing reports about how Darren has helped people with their personal challenges. I have recommended Darren to family and friends and his results can be seen quickly.

JH York

I visited Darren tonight – sceptical and a bit anxious about what to expect! I was instantly relaxed and felt he really listened to me – and I talked a lot!
I learned lots – about hypnotherapy and my misconceptions of it, and about me! A super taster session and I’m sure to go back now I’m aware of all the ‘uses’ of hypnotherapy! Thank you x

AP York

Darren was lovely a genuine guy who loves helping people. I went on a recommendation and was amazed to see the results in just one session happen in front of my eyes.
Darren is honest and will explain everything he is going to do. A few more sessions to attend but now look forward to them.

RH York