Imagine how life would look if you were more confident right now

What benefits would
you most like
to achieve?
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved confidence
  • Become happier
  • Think more clearly
  • Enhanced mood
  • Achieve better results
  • Boost your self-worth
  • Feel more positive

Does hypnotherapy hold the key when it comes to your confidence?

Life is full of high’s and low’s, and from time to time our confidence can take a knock. Often, we are able to bounce back and recover quickly, although this isn’t always the case.

Some experience periods in their lives where a continual lack of confidence can affect their self-esteem and mood.

There can be a whole host of reasons why someone’s self-esteem, confidence and self-worth may be at a low ebb. Be this a recent life event, personal trauma or things that were experienced during childhood. It is also possible, to not really know why we presently lack confidence. One thing is certain, hypnotherapy can assist and provide the necessary boost to our confidence that we are looking for.

People from all walks of life can suffer confidence issues, regardless of their reasons, we are able to enhance, develop or just simply rebuild it. One of the most effective ways in which to resolve confidence issues is through eye movement therapy, which in a way is a from of eye open hypnosis and I can evidence its efficacy and always provide examples and a through explanation of how this works. 

Let hypnotherapy and the skills I possess be the difference.

I’m able to tailor my approach to find the most effective route for each individual client and by offering Clinical Hypnotherapy, Eye Movement Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming and a whole host of other professional techniques, you can be assured that I’m able to help those wanting greater confidence. Along with my skills as a hypnotist, I’m also a qualified Motivation Therapist and Coach as an example of my extensive range of skills.

We’ll have the opportunity to reprogram unhelpful beliefs, behaviours and negative ways of thinking and process where these negative thoughts and actions stem from.

It is possible in hypnosis, to rehearse any situation where you would benefit from greater confidence.

So, what are you waiting for? I’m confident I can help and through my work as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m able to play a positive role in helping you think and feel more confident.

Remember, I’m able to help either in person at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare, which is located on Tadcaster Road in York, North Yorkshire. Alternatively, we can utilise online hypnotherapy and the other skills I have at my disposal, to work remotely via a webcam on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

So, if your looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in helping people become more confident, then I recommend you get in touch. Do remember, we have the option of meeting at my clinic in York, within one of the areas longest established and well respected clinics in the city, which offers a Covid secure environment or I can provide hypnotherapy online wherever in the world you might be.

Typically, 2-3 sessions required to help those wanting to feel more confident. Of course, much depends or where this lack of confidence stems from and what the root cause might be. I’ve helped many client to boost their confidence through the use of hypnotherapy and a vital tool in helping my clients is the work I do with eye movement therapy.