What's stopping you from resolving your habit?

Let me show you
an effective way to
break that cycle
  • Regain control
  • Choose a better option
  • Tackle the triggers
  • Break free
  • Feel heathier
  • Increase confidence

One thing is certain, there is a better way and I can help.

When we first learn to do something new, it takes a while for these new-found skills to become second nature. Taking driving, for example, most of us take many months of practice before we become competent, some can even take years before passing a driving test.

Simpler things, such as brushing our teeth become a habit far more easily, despite this, all behaviours follow the same neurological patterns.
Every habit will start with a trigger or cue, which tells the brain to go into ‘autopilot’ mode, which then allows the behaviour to take place, then follows the perceived reward.

Habits are in effect part of a neurological program, and the more the program runs, the more habitual our actions become.

It, of course then, makes sense that we need to break https://celebrexhome.com this cycle at a neurological level and hypnotherapy is a great way of helping facilitate this. (typo full stop)

How I can help you regain control of your habits.

There can be any number of reasons why we have adopted a bad habit, and some can be quite costly to continue.

Hypnotherapy will help you and empower you, and through positive suggestion we will help bring about positive change, sometimes this can occur in just a single session, although this will not always be the case.

We can look at what the triggers are and work to reverse the impact of these, whatever they maybe.

Some habits can be more complex than others, regardless of their complexity, together we can instil new more positive ways of thinking and acting.

Typically, 1-5 sessions will be required to successfully resolve an unwanted habit.