What's stopping you from resolving your habit?

Let me show you an effective way to break that cycle

  • Regain control
  • Choose a better option
  • Tackle the triggers
  • Break free
  • Feel heathier
  • Increase confidence

One thing is certain, there is a better way and I can help.

When we first learn to do something new, it takes a while for these new-found skills to become second nature. Taking driving, for example, most of us take many months of practice before we become competent, some can even take years before passing a driving test.

Simpler things, such as brushing our teeth become a habit far more easily, despite this, all behaviours follow the same neurological patterns.
Every habit will start with a trigger or cue, which tells the brain to go into ‘autopilot’ mode, which then allows the behaviour to take place, then follows the perceived reward.

Habits are in effect part of a neurological program, and the more the program runs, the more habitual our actions become.

It, of course then, makes sense that we need to break https://celebrexhome.com this cycle at a neurological level and hypnotherapy is a great way of helping facilitate this. (typo full stop)

How I can help you regain control of your habits.

There can be any number of reasons why we have adopted a bad habit, and some can be quite costly to continue.

Hypnotherapy will help you and empower you, and through positive suggestion we will help bring about positive change, sometimes this can occur in just a single session, although this will not always be the case.

We can look at what the triggers are and work to reverse the impact of these, whatever they maybe.

Some habits can be more complex than others, regardless of their complexity, together we can instil new more positive ways of thinking and acting.

Typically, 1-5 sessions will be required to successfully resolve an unwanted habit.

I would thoroughly recommend you to go visit Darren. He is so calming and reassuring. I was so nervous before my appointment and anxious, I honestly didn’t want to even go in the room but I instantly felt at ease and my life has honestly gone from strength to strength since!

K B Halifax

Having tried and failed many times, Darren’s support has enabled me to achieve my goals this time. I am currently 25Kg (4 stone) lighter than I was when I started talking to Darren, and with his help, I will become (even) Leaner, Fitter and Stronger.

R J York

Due to negative life events, I have tried many different forms of complimentary therapy including Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, to help me resolve my feelings and emotions towards the past. Until meeting Darren, my experiences of processing memories had been mediocre at best. I was recommended his services through a friend and despite the fact I live over an hours drive away, I trusted my friends recommendation and booked an appointment. From a therapeutic standpoint, this has been one of the best decisions I have made as rather than try and put an Elastoplast over issues, together we’ve processed memories through the eye movement work which Darren does. I am not going to try and explain what he does, instead I recommend that you find out for yourself just how effective a therapist he is.

D B Newcastle

Darren’s input was invaluable to my healing. He was kind and compassionate and helped me during one of the darkest times of my life. What he did really worked. I am extremely grateful indeed and am now able to get on with living a happy life. Thank you Darren. I would recommend you to anyone.

J M York

I had 2 sessions with Darren in which he was able to give me the power to relax, let go of the past and find confidence in myself to go forward with my life, it really is amazing to think things that have bothered me for most of my life I now don’t think of at all!! If you have past memories that are affecting your future I would highly recommend visiting Darren.

Amanda York

I cannot recommend Darren enough! He made me feel so comfortable from the word go by offering me a cup of tea and just chatting to me like a normal human being. Darren helped me with going into my third year at uni and took away all the anxiety that came with that – I felt like a completely different person when I walked out! I have recommended him to all of my friends and I have already booked a second appointment with him. I must also say – his brilliant sense of humour will have you in stitches! Thanks again Darren 🙂

H S York

Fifteen years in China living with spiders the size of dinner plates did not cure my arachnophobia. My youngest daughter, who idolises Spiderman and collects these little beasties did not help me either. Then I was introduced to you, one session was all it took. Now my daughter and I look for her little heroes together and I no longer squeal and run away…Thank you, Darren.

NT York

It took me a long time to make the first contact with Darren, but from the outset his calm approach was obvious. We covered a range of issues using a variety of approaches, and I can happily say that have made a huge difference for me and the people close to me. Darren will listen, and offers you brilliant insights that help you make sense of your feelings. I would recommend calling him.

R W York

When you offered to help by giving some treatment to re-energise myself, I thought it was a good idea. I had no idea that your treatment would be so effective, and after just one session, I felt completely relaxed and empowered to take on a strenuous period in my business. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to those who wish to redress the balance of energy in their working lives.

GW York

My daughter was suffering from anxiety due to her exams and had many sleepless nights and was negatively effecting her life in many ways. After seeing Darren and a couple of sessions he worked his magic and the difference was amazing. She went on to finish her exams and is now looking forward to starting her nursing degree. I would recommend Darren to anyone that is suffering in silence as Darren’s expertise in these matters is second to none.