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Let my skills as a Coach, Motivation Therapist, Advanced Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics, and
Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioner, help you to help yourself

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As an Advanced Hypnotherapist, I’ve worked with many addicts, let one of the UK’s most recommended and referred Hypnotherapist help you.


Whatever your reasons for being angry, if you are looking to keep your cool and remain calm, then hypnotherapy is a great way to manage this.


For those suffering from anxiety, it can at times be quite miserable and debilitating, the good news is that help is at hand and hypnotherapy is a proven way to find relief.


Not everyone is aware how effective hypnotherapy can be in breaking bad habits. Let this leading hypnotherapist help you break the habit.


How might hypnotherapy help you control your feelings and emotions? Let me help you process the triggers and resolve the root cause of where this began.


Through my skills as an Advanced Hypnotherapist, I’ve helped hundreds of people to feel better about themselves and develop more positive self-talk.


People from all walks of life can suffer confidence issues, regardless of their reasons, we are able to use hypnotherapy to enhance, develop and rebuild it.


Phobias come in all shapes and sizes, and we can have any number of irrational fears, be that someone, somewhere or something. Hypnotherapy can resolve this!

Pain Management

Often, as a hypnotherapist, I find that personal trauma plays a part in why your experiencing pain or discomfort, I’ll help you resolve this.


Hypnotherapy can help you to sleep well and I’ve a number of tricks up my sleeve, which are designed to help your sleep issues become a thing of the past.


Past events can sometimes leave us feeling insecure and we can feel a whole host of varying emotions, and as such, we may feel alone, fearful, and even helpless


Hypnotherapy will help empower and motivative you, and together we will help change and improve your relationship with food.


I would like to help you and what I have learned over the years, is I believe valuable to share.



I have met and helped people still effected 30, 40, even 50 years or more after the loss of a loved one.


I have worked with several people that believed they were blushing excessively. There can be any number of reasons why someone will blush and let us be honest we all blush from time to time.


I believe that I use words to change the way people think, act, and feel, be this about themselves or others.


I have met and helped people still effected 30, 40, even 50 years or more after the loss of a loved one.

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My practice as a hypnotherapist is a constant search for new knowledge, skill sharpening study, and therapy development. I am willing to offer a complete service.

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