Pain is a signal that something isn't right, however, if we know this, do we constantly need to be reminded?

We can change the way we experience pain and can often reduce its severity

  • Enhance mobility
  • Improve independence
  • Feel more comfortable
  • Become happier
  • Resolve trauma
  • Develop pain control

Could hypnotherapy and the work I do with eye movement therapy be the answer?

There are ways where, it is possible to reduce the levels of pain one might experience. It is, of course, important to add that pain is a signal to let us know something isn’t quite right.

So, it is, of course, important then to consult your GP, should you experience any pain or discomfort, especially if the symptoms persist. You would need to consult your doctor or other medical professional prior to seeking my help.

It is, however, possible to help reduce levels of discomfort especially with longer-term pain issues such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, to name just a few.

Numerous clinical trials have also been undertaken with Clinical Hypnotherapy and conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, where hypnosis has been proven effective in reducing the impact of such conditions.

In my experience, there can be any number of other issues, which can play a part in the cause of pain, and unresolved trauma may sometimes be a contributory factor.

Stress and anxiety can also, often be linked to issues related to pain, and these react well to hypnotherapeutic treatment.

How I can help you regain control.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to reduce pain and there are number of positive side effects that can come about through hypnotherapeutic invention.

As with all my clients, I tailor my help to find the most effective route for each individual client and offer Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and a whole host of other professional techniques. So, you can be assured that I’m always striving to deliver positive change as rapidly as possible.

Complementary therapy is often beneficial, for those looking to resolve pain and associated issues.

Past physical or emotional trauma may sometimes need resolving and this is an area I’ve helped with many times.

I will also teach you, how to use self-hypnosis techniques which will enable you to practice reducing your own levels of pain and discomfort.

Through my work as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m able to play a positive role in helping those that seek my help.

Remember, I’m able to help either in person at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare, or remotely via a webcam on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

So, if your looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience, we can either meet in person, within a Covid secure environment or I can provide hypnotherapy online wherever in the world you might be.

Typically, 2-4 sessions will be sufficient to successfully help reduce pain and discomfort. One area in which I’ve had especially good results, is where the pain relates to a traumatic event.

Absolutely fantastic experience that actually works!! I’ve been to see Darren a few times and each time I leave feeling positive and great! From simple relaxation to overcoming fears, phobias, struggles, realising your ambitions and reaching your goals I would highly recommend Darren to anyone of any age. The people I have recommended so far and had a session at the clinic have not been disappointed. Keep up the good work!

Max T Leeds

I can’t thank Darren enough for his help. I have tried lots of therapies and many have been helpful but none have produced results as quickly or as effectively as Hypnotherapy with Darren. I was struggling with issues relating to addiction and felt my life was spiralling out of control. Within a few weeks I was on a stable path to turning everything around and with his continued support I began to develop lasting and engrained positive habits and am back on the road to self fulfilment and achieving my potential. He is outstanding at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone looking to overcome a personal challenge or obstacle that they can’t see a way round.

F G York

Having tried and failed many times, Darren’s support has enabled me to achieve my goals this time. I am currently 25Kg (4 stone) lighter than I was when I started talking to Darren, and with his help, I will become (even) Leaner, Fitter and Stronger.

R J York

Darren is helping me overcome anxiety and grief after the loss of both my parents His approach techniques, and desensitisation technique are fantastic… I’m half way through our work together and I’m feeling like ‘me ‘ again I highly recommend Darren as his true passion for his work really shows at each session I can not thank him enough

L B York

Although I am qualified in NLP and have a good understanding of Hypnotherapy, you used a technique that I was unfamiliar with, and you explained that this would have the power to resolve past experiences. I have to admit to being a little sceptical, and I was surprised and delighted to say that you were right! I have and will continue to recommend you with confidence.

TS York

My daughter was suffering from anxiety due to her exams and had many sleepless nights and was negatively effecting her life in many ways. After seeing Darren and a couple of sessions he worked his magic and the difference was amazing. She went on to finish her exams and is now looking forward to starting her nursing degree. I would recommend Darren to anyone that is suffering in silence as Darren’s expertise in these matters is second to none.


I would thoroughly recommend you to go visit Darren. He is so calming and reassuring. I was so nervous before my appointment and anxious, I honestly didn’t want to even go in the room but I instantly felt at ease and my life has honestly gone from strength to strength since!

K B Halifax

I went to see Darren because I wanted to loose weight and explore what to do career wise after my youngest daughter went to school. Since seeing Darren I have enrolled on a course and am now looking at setting up my own business! Darren has helped me with my confidence, setting personal goals and is now helping my daughter with anxiety too. Fab guy! thank you for all your support.

Diana Harrogate

Had my first session with Darren today and I’m feeling amazed at the impact one session has had on how I feel….. A weight I didn’t even know was there has been lifted! I feel free! Thank you Darren! Awesome!

S L York

I can honestly say that I was very nervous, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After 5 minutes of being hypnotised, I realised that all of my fears and reservations I had previously had went away and I began to feel really relaxed, I found that I was not only able to put all of the clutter and noise of day to day life to one side, but I was actually able to concentrate and focus on what I really wanted to achieve.

AM Pontefract