How good would it feel to raise your level of self-esteem

What benefits would you most like to achieve

  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel happier
  • Think more positively
  • Boost your self-worth
  • Enhance your mood

One thing is certain, there is a better way and I can help.

We are often our own worst critic and there are things which we say to ourselves, which undermine our self-esteem and confidence. When evaluating ourselves in a negative and judgemental way, is it any wonder we start to lack confidence and our self-worth starts to diminish.

Self-esteem issues arise through our own internal thoughts and feelings, although someone or something can often help enhance our own inner critic. The loss of a job or a failed relationship are just a few of the common reasons why we may become unflattering to towards one’s self.

Let me help you become less self-critical.

We are all unique and no two people are the same, although there are of course commonalities around why we can start to feel less resourceful and robust than is healthy.

My approach looks for the most effective route for each individual client and by offering Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic programming and a whole host of other professional techniques, you can be assured that I’m able to help those wanting to feel good about themselves.

So, what are you waiting for? I’m confident I can help you become more confident and less self-critical.

Through my work as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m able to play a positive role in helping those that seek help. If you are looking to think and feel more positive, then allow me to support you.

Remember, I’m able to help either in person at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare, or remotely via a webcam on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

So, if your looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in boosting my clients confidence, then we can either meet in person, within a Covid secure environment or I can provide hypnotherapy online wherever in the world you might be.

Typically, 2-3 sessions will leave you feeling far more confident and self-assured.

I would like to thank Darren for helping me when there was nobody to turn to. I was not sure what to expect as it was my first experience with a hypnotherapy, but Darren put me at ease and explained everything. After 3 sessions I could see an improvement and a positive change Darren made to my life, can not thank him enough. Would highly recommend.

S V York

Due to negative life events, I have tried many different forms of complimentary therapy including Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Reiki, to help me resolve my feelings and emotions towards the past. Until meeting Darren, my experiences of processing memories had been mediocre at best. I was recommended his services through a friend and despite the fact I live over an hours drive away, I trusted my friends recommendation and booked an appointment. From a therapeutic standpoint, this has been one of the best decisions I have made as rather than try and put an Elastoplast over issues, together we’ve processed memories through the eye movement work which Darren does. I am not going to try and explain what he does, instead I recommend that you find out for yourself just how effective a therapist he is.

D B Newcastle

Darren made me feel comfortable right from the start of my first hypnotherapy session. I needed help to overcome my fear of flying as my son was getting married in California. After three sessions I felt ready to meet my fear head on . Darren gave me the confidence and strategies to reduce my anxieties which had previously affected my holidays. I would thoroughly recommend Darren’s services- he even text me the day before my homeward flight to reassure and send positive vibes! Great follow up customer service.

H A York

I cannot recommend Darren enough! He made me feel so comfortable from the word go by offering me a cup of tea and just chatting to me like a normal human being. Darren helped me with going into my third year at uni and took away all the anxiety that came with that – I felt like a completely different person when I walked out! I have recommended him to all of my friends and I have already booked a second appointment with him. I must also say – his brilliant sense of humour will have you in stitches! Thanks again Darren 🙂

H S York

Darren is incredible. From my very first session I felt so at ease and relaxed. His professionalism and skills, mean that I have already felt such a difference in areas that I have struggled with for years and years. I look forward to my sessions knowing that I will benefit hugely from the time spent with Darren. Due to the difference working with him is making in my life, I am now tackling other areas, as I have complete confidence that I will see the same positive results. Thank you Darren.

L S Wakefield

I can honestly say that I was very nervous, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After 5 minutes of being hypnotised, I realised that all of my fears and reservations I had previously had went away and I began to feel really relaxed, I found that I was not only able to put all of the clutter and noise of day to day life to one side, but I was actually able to concentrate and focus on what I really wanted to achieve.

AM Pontefract

I was sceptical at first to be honest. But I cannot express enough how helpful and professional Darren was. I thought I would need a lot of sessions but I ended up only needing a few before I saw immediate results which have lasted (now 8 months on and counting) It was always up to me and I never felt pushed into thinking I needed more. Which in itself was refreshing! Definitely cannot recommend enough! He will change your life!

Kerry York

Darren is brilliant, I visited him for help with stress and control issues. I was sceptical and due to my control issues was worried about the Hypno bit. Darren immediately put me at ease and thoroughly explained everything. I had 3 sessions and he has helped me to cope with things and given me strategies which are easy to use in everyday life. I would definitely visit Darren again if the need arose and would certainly recommend him to family and friends.

M F York

I went to see Darren because I wanted to loose weight and explore what to do career wise after my youngest daughter went to school. Since seeing Darren I have enrolled on a course and am now looking at setting up my own business! Darren has helped me with my confidence, setting personal goals and is now helping my daughter with anxiety too. Fab guy! thank you for all your support.

Diana Harrogate

Darren is excellent at what he does. Saw him last year on a couple of occasions as I was finding my ‘drive’ somewhat lacking. Needless to say, the position I am in now with my business is partly (a big part) to do with him. If you find yourself procrastinating over things and want a push in the right direction, I cannot recommend him enough.