How important is it for your quality of sleep to improve?

“What will sleeping well mean for you?

  • Increased energy
  • Improved health
  • Feel more positive
  • Think more clearly
  • Feel less anxious
  • Achieve better results
  • Enhanced mood
  • Become happier

One thing is certain, there is a better way and I can help.

Whatever your issue when it comes to a lack of sleep, we all know how physically and mentally exhausting it can be, and we’re well aware of its negative effects. A lack of sleep is becoming increasingly recognised as a root cause for a number of health issues.

There are numerous reasons why we experience a lack of sleep and we are equipped to manage the odd restless night or poor-quality sleep.

However, when this is sustained over longer periods, it can start to have a detrimental impact on our lives and the lives of those closet to us.

A man in bed struggling to sleep, clock in the for ground

How I can help you to sleep soundly.

Sleep problems respond well to a hypnotherapeutic approach and my skills with Clinical Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-linguistic programming, Eye Movement Therapy and a whole host of other professional techniques, will ensure you’ll be looking forward to sleeping well. Many of my clients that came to see me with sleep issues, have learned ways of sleeping well, many of those I helped had a common a issue, this being that they had instructive thoughts as they tried to fall asleep. I have a number of ways in which I can help with this, so, lets start looking forward to sleeping well. 

Typically, 2-4 sessions will be required to enable you to sleep soundly.

I highly recommend Darren. I went for some hypnotherapy sessions to work on my mindset around business, but there were also many benefits in my personal life too. He is very approachable, with a warm character and a sincere desire to help you.

D C York

I have for a number of months been in a difficult situation where I required some personal support and assistance. You were immediately able to provide me with both of these with reassurances and then follow-up with more support and assistance to help me deal the challenge. I could, without this advice and support, have been in a very different and difficult position.

MB York

Brilliant experience! I was a real sceptic but this helped me 110% on two recent flights I was dreading. I would recommend Darren to anyone as this has really changed my life.

A P York

My daughter was suffering from anxiety due to her exams and had many sleepless nights and was negatively effecting her life in many ways. After seeing Darren and a couple of sessions he worked his magic and the difference was amazing. She went on to finish her exams and is now looking forward to starting her nursing degree. I would recommend Darren to anyone that is suffering in silence as Darren’s expertise in these matters is second to none.


Darren is excellent at what he does. Saw him last year on a couple of occasions as I was finding my ‘drive’ somewhat lacking. Needless to say, the position I am in now with my business is partly (a big part) to do with him. If you find yourself procrastinating over things and want a push in the right direction, I cannot recommend him enough.


Darren was not pushy in anyway and let me come to terms with things in my own time, he was very comforting. I can’t believe the results I had from just one session! A memory that once caused me a lot of trauma and anxiety had suddenly turned in to a positive by the end of the session. Darren is great at his job and super welcoming!

L C York

Darren is helping me overcome anxiety and grief after the loss of both my parents His approach techniques, and desensitisation technique are fantastic… I’m half way through our work together and I’m feeling like ‘me ‘ again I highly recommend Darren as his true passion for his work really shows at each session I can not thank him enough

L B York

Had my first session with Darren today and I’m feeling amazed at the impact one session has had on how I feel….. A weight I didn’t even know was there has been lifted! I feel free! Thank you Darren! Awesome!

S L York

Absolutely fantastic experience that actually works!! I’ve been to see Darren a few times and each time I leave feeling positive and great! From simple relaxation to overcoming fears, phobias, struggles, realising your ambitions and reaching your goals I would highly recommend Darren to anyone of any age. The people I have recommended so far and had a session at the clinic have not been disappointed. Keep up the good work!

Max T Leeds

Darren’s input was invaluable to my healing. He was kind and compassionate and helped me during one of the darkest times of my life. What he did really worked. I am extremely grateful indeed and am now able to get on with living a happy life. Thank you Darren. I would recommend you to anyone.

J M York