How good would it feel if past events no longer bothered you?

What benefits
would you most
like to achieve
  • Better concentration
  • Enhance mood
  • Feel relieved
  • Think more positively
  • Feel happier
  • Move on with life
  • Boost your self-worth
  • Increase self-esteem

Let this leading hypnotherapist help you, either online or in person. We’ve never met, however, I am confident my methods will help.

We’ve all experienced a great many events in our lives, sometimes these can leave us feeling insecure and we can feel a whole host of varying emotions, and as such, we may feel vulnerable, alone, fearful, perhaps even helpless. Negative memories around historic events can often cause long-lasting emotional, psychological issues and even start to impact our health.

Harvard Medical school talk about this here:

When we are troubled by events from our past, it is important to resolve whatever it is that troubles you. Unresolved trauma will often undermine the potential for positive change through hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy.

I liken this, to chopping the top off a weed, the weed grows back, instead we need to get to the root and deal with matters thoroughly.

There can be any number of events that can produce trauma and cause us to suffer with PTSD, without needing to have ever entered a war zone.

It can be uncomfortable to relive historic events and it makes sense to want a rapid and effective intervention, whilst maintaining our privacy. The good news is, that I’m able to work content free, and I’ve helped people just by talking about ‘the thing!’

The work that I do with eye movement therapy delivers rapid intervention and its efficacy has to be seen to be believed. One form of eye movement therapy (EMDR) has been around for in excess of 30 years and is available through the NHS here in the UK.

Let my skills as leading hypnotherapist and eye movement therapist help you.

I’m able to work content free, and I’ve helped numerous people without ever needing to know what historic events took place.

I have a whole host of professional techniques at my disposal and one very simple and effective method which involves bi-lateral eye movement.

My help is beautifully simple where trauma is concerned, and you have the chance to choose to no longer be bothered by past events, leaving you free to move forwards with your life.

Through my work as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’m able to play a positive role in helping those that seek help. One of the key skills I utilise to resolve trauma, is through eye movement therapy, which in some ways, could be explained as eyes open hypnosis.

Remember, I’m able to help either in person at York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare, or remotely via a webcam on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

So, if your looking for a skilled hypnotherapist, with a wealth of experience in resolving the way you think and feel about historic events, we can either meet in person, within a Covid secure environment or I can provide hypnotherapy online wherever in the world you might be.

Often a single session is sufficient to resolve a specific event, repeated sessions should only be required where multiple trauma need resolving.